Mediterranean cuisine encompasses everything that is good in life; extra virgin olive oil, called the elixir of life! Fresh fruit and vegetables, always with utmost respect to seasonality and sustainability. Fish and seafood, coming from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea and offering exquisite flavors, aromas and textures. Legumes and grains, complementing each dish with nutrition. Dairy products of the finest quality standards, including local cheese varieties and Greek strained yogurt.

Traditional recipes are blended with an international touch for a complete culinary feast. You can have a taste of freshness in every dish, through a selection of amazing delights. Pies and pastries, succulent meat and poultry cooked to perfection, mouth-watering desserts made of organic honey and phyllo dough, these are just few of the inspiring delicacies that will make your day and keep you coming back for more.
Nature is abundant in heart-warming, exciting ingredients that are cooked with love and attentiveness to create the best gastronomic wonders. In the Mediterranean cuisine, emotions are infused in every single recipe. The dishes overflow with care and this is highlighted in each bite. You can tell when a dish has been created with love. And you can understand the true essence in every single ingredient that boasts high quality standards and authenticity. A cherry tomato cultivated without chemicals, local wine made with excellent grapes and with respect to the long lasting wine making tradition.

At Cabo Rosso, the cosmopolitan restaurant of Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites, encompasses what Mediterranean cuisine is all about. The seasoned chef George Xynos and his creative team have been working on the menu with great attention to the slightest detail. They have been blending the antitheses of local products from Santorini and international influences. The outcome is purely amazing…Join us!
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