Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a meal that at Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites we take really seriously. This is why we have created for you a true feast of flavors, so as to wake up exactly like you deserve. All the wealth of Greek nature is reflected on the delicacies that compose breakfast, the “Ambassador way”! So wake up and enjoy breakfast from the privacy of your own retreat.

Freshly brewed coffee or tea, squeezed orange juice and seasonal fruits, Greek yogurt topped with walnuts and organic honey, scrambled eggs and fluffy croissants, these are just few of the gastronomic wonders you are welcome to taste. You simply need to complete your order the night before, allowing us at Ambassador to take great care of you. Leave the rest up to us! We will make sure to serve breakfast at the time of your preference, with warm homemade delicacies that will definitely make your day.
Tradition meets modernity in this healthy and delicious, super nutritious breakfast. There is a wide variety of culinary delights, cooked to perfection according to your own taste and desires. Every single morning ritual can be different, each dedicated to specific treats that you wish to taste. Are you in the mood for something sweet or savory? Or maybe both? Do you feel like having a glass of chilled champagne with strawberries or maybe pancakes?

Whatever your heart desires, we will make for you in the privacy of your suite. And there are plenty of gluten free and vegan options, so that you enjoy breakfast every single time. In fact, even the biggest challenge is an opportunity for us to offer our valued guests just the quality standards in breakfast that they are entitled to.

What do you think? Aren’t you craving some breakfast served in the privacy of your suite overlooking the Aegean and the fierce rock formations, made with love and attentiveness?
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