It is always a great thing to discover the culinary treasures of a specific part of the world. Especially when it comes to Santorini, you will be delighted to explore its wonderful local produce and its amazing wine list. As you may know, the Mediterranean cuisine has been regarded by the vast majority of scientists as the best diet for longevity and wellness. Besides healthy, the Theran recipes are also truly delicious and combine the local products in a superb manner. Greek tradition and Mediterranean flavors are blended perfectly and the result is a masterpiece of the Gastronomy!
Thanks to the singular soil quality and the special weather conditions, the local products of Santorini are extremely delicious and superbly nutritious. Among the fine products that you ought to try out, there is the famous tomataki (which is a tomato variety, resembling cherry tomatoes, but medium sized). You can eat them as part of the tasty Greek salad topped with olive oil or as fried tomato balls. Alternatively, you can taste them as sauce. Apart from tomataki, you can also have a taste of fava beans and Theran caper. In addition, white eggplants are exquisite material for traditional appetizers and salads.

Of course, we could not neglect referring to the amazing deliciousness of the local wine varieties on the island of Santorini. The wine makers of Santorini engage in substantial exports of Assyrtiko, Nychteri and Vinsanto. You can take wine making tours, where you can watch the wineries and taste the different varieties, their fragrances and flavors, their richness and their premium quality.

Organically grown vegetables and fruits, fresh fish and seafood, tasty dairy products like soft white cheese and yoghurt, wonderful wine and a plethora of other products will excite your palate and offer you unique gastronomic experiences on the island of Santorini!
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