Greece is a place with significant historic past, having influenced humanity over the past centuries. Even though the past cannot be depicted fully in the present, there are monuments of great beauty and substantial historic value that can be found throughout Greece. Let’s have a look at the major historic monuments that you can find in Greece, in a journey through centuries and millennia! The absolute trademark of Greece is definitely the Parthenon. Everyone has admired the Acropolis standing tall at the highest spot of Athens, the country’s prominent capital. Built during the Golden Era of Pericles, the Parthenon was the most eloquent proof that Athens was the dominant city-state of the past for Hellas. It is the symbol of Democracy, highlighting the way Athens was ruled back then, with the catholic involvement of the citizens in Politics. Pictures of Acropolis at night, with the full moon shining over the marble, are world renowned and attract the eyes of not only history lovers.
At Cape Sounion, there is the Temple of Poseidon that magnetizes travelers from all over the world. Since Greece is a country surrounded by the rejuvenating waters of the Mediterranean, it is no wonder that the god of the sea was worshiped in the past. The whole place is surrounded by water and thus the Temple stands proudly as an offering from the locals to the powerful god of the sea. Here, the sunset views are stunning as well!

In Santorini, Akrotiri is among the ancient settlements of the Aegean that have been brought to light and unveil the way Greeks lived in the past. Should you visit the island, this is a must-see destination. You can see the ruins of the old settlement and find out what daily life was like for these people, so many years ago. It is awe-inspiring, to say the least!

It is great to discover Greece and enjoy not only its marvelous, ravishing landscapes and vibrant nightlife, but also its historic significance!
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