From the very first moment you set your foot on the ground, you notice that there is something different about Santorini. The deep colored soil and the lack of lush greenery that you would find in other places make you wonder. As you look around you, the caldera sweeps you off your feet and literally blows your mind. What mystical place is this? Santorini seems like an emerged precious stone flowing over the Aegean. With its volcanic aura surrounding you, you are hooked. This is love at first sight…!
The volcanic eruptions of the past centuries have formed Santorini in its current shape. It is an archipelago consisting of small islets which were once whole. The coastline of Santorini is embroidered by lunar-shaped beaches, reflecting the uniqueness of the soil and the artistic inspiration of the volcano. Instead of uniformity, every single beach boasts a singular special character. You will find beaches with red or black pebbles, rocky formations that stand tall and white stones, soft silky sand and small coves.
You can explore the area where the volcano lies up to this day. There are daily cruises held to the islets and you can visit the terrain, look at the craters and smell at the sulfur. If you like, you can even dive in the therapeutic sulfur waters. This is a truly transcendental experience offered in Santorini.

Ask us at Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites to offer you information about the daily cruises or even book tickets for you and your precious company. You are going to love this trip, where you are going to discover the true impact of the volcano on Santorini!
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