In remembrance of the volcanic eruptions that have shaped the island of Santorini as we know it, every year the locals organize a festival to commemorate the volcano and its power. Ifaisteia Festival takes place every September and there are magnificent celebrations that capture the attention of the world, in a cultural event that is cherished during the year. The highlight of this festival is of course the re-enactment of the volcanic eruption from back in 1600 BC.
This is a huge event of the past that has signified the beginning of tremendous changes for the people of Santorini. The eruption was biblical and formed the island as we know it. People are appreciative of this change over time, which means that the volcano is not referred to as a source of catastrophe; instead, it is regarded as a blessing that determined the present and the future of Santorini.

If you happen to visit Santorini during the festivities, you will be fascinated by its glamor and elegance. All the locals come outside and celebrate the eruption, remembering what happened a lot earlier. Power of nature is fierce and inevitable. So it is only fair that the people understand this inevitable and indisputable power, surrendering to its will. Ifaisteia Festival is the most eloquent proof that the Therans have acknowledged the overwhelming power of the volcano.

This is a truly wonderful experience that all of you should be part of. Santorini remembers and honors the very event that has shaped the island in its current form through a series of events, festivities and great celebrations. Join the festival and enjoy the spectacle!
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