Are you ready for a fairytale? Flying above the Aegean is an exquisite experience, which you will cherish forever! On a modern helicopter, you will enjoy every moment of your tour on top of Santorini and its major attractions. Gaze at the endless blue waters, as you are flying among the clouds. There is so much to see in every detail from above! The volcanic soil and the imposing caldera cliffs, the site of Akrotiri with the magnificent excavations, the lunar shaped coastline and the picturesque architecture of the island, these are just a few of the details that will become imprinted in your memory!
There is no more privileged view like the one from above, depicting the beauty of Santorini and the Aegean in the most marvelous way. The luxury services of a helicopter flight are majestic, adding to the highlights of your stay in Santorini. Are you craving for the ultimate photos? You can now take pictures of every little detail, for memorable memories and extraordinary experiences. The natural landscapes stretch all over the wide painting of Cyclades, inviting you to take a paintbrush and start adding your own dreams and fantasies to the already alluring canvas. The helicopter flight is worth every second and your heart will beat faster from the time you take off till the moment you land.

At Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites, we can schedule a dreamy helicopter flight, as per your own personalized needs and preferences. Are you in for a journey of the senses? Do you want to visit the nearby islets or even an island of Cyclades further away, such as Mykonos? Just tell us your wishes and we will make them come true, soaring…
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