The Mediterranean diet has been regarded by most scientists as the healthiest diet plan in the world. It not only presents you with all the nutrients and vitamins that you need, but it also allows you to enjoy every meal. Due to the cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the Mediterranean regions, each recipe is enriched with amazing aromas, colors and textures, deliciousness and superb nutritional value. What more could you ask for in life?
Santorini boasts a distinctive twist of the Mediterranean diet. In line with the basic principles of this cuisine, the locals make excellent use of the exquisite organic produce of the island and the result is mouth-watering. You will taste the rich flavors of the local tomataki or sun dried tomatoes, the white eggplant and fava, the caper leaves and tomato croquettes, as they fill your mouth with awesomeness. The mastery of simplicity in every bite!

There are special places where you can taste the fresh catch of the day, overlooking the Aegean and gazing at the sunny skies. Drinking ouzo or fine Theran wine, you will tempt your palate and feel the freshness of the sea in every dish. Alternatively, you can choose one of the picturesque taverns on the island or pick a truly inspiring dining experience at one of the cosmopolitan restaurants in Santorini.

Encompassing the treasures of Greek cuisine with the original flavors of the Mediterranean and the distinctive ingredients on the island, Santorini boasts a unique gastronomic chapter filled with jaw-dropping recipes, amazing combinations and superb food presentation. You are welcome to explore this splendid cuisine for a true journey of the senses!
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