Santorini is a magical island that captivates you right from the start. You cannot help falling in love with its vibe and unspoiled beauty. Surrounded by the cobalt blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the island emerges from within the sea and the imposing caldera takes your breath away. You find yourself looking in awe at the fiercely carved cliffs and the whitewashed houses carved on top. There is a mystery overwhelming you, along with the essence of summer bliss…
One of the finest experiences sought after on the island of Santorini is sailing. The freedom experienced on board, as you are floating above the water and listening to the sounds of the waves hitting the yacht, cannot be matched. In the middle of the sea, you get a different perspective and everything seems more picturesque than ever before. From the sailing boat, you can admire the coastline of Santorini, the breathtaking caldera and the small islets nearby, the volcanic imprint on everything all around.

Sailing the Aegean is a marvelous experience. Just imagine putting on your swimsuit and taking all the necessary things for a day out in the sea. Perhaps you can ask for a picnic with some of the finest culinary delights of the island, as well as chilled champagne or local wine. As the sun is setting down, you are welcome to dine on board and relish the chromatic blend painting the horizon. The candlelight makes the moment even more pleasurable, as you take another sip and look around you.

If you want to live such magical moments yourself, all you need to do is ask. We at Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites will be delighted to assist you towards shaping such memories that will last a lifetime!
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