Easter is perhaps the most emblematic celebration of Christianity. In Greece, every single place has got a long history with customs and traditions for Easter celebrations. People prepare themselves and their homes for the Resurrection, taking part in the mysteries held during the Holy Week. Women dye the eggs red and bake sweet pastries, which have been associated with Easter. Men whitewash the homes and the streets, in anticipation of the joyful event. Everyone lives and breathes for the Resurrection and Easter celebrations.
On the island of Santorini, Easter is magnificently celebrated and some wonderful customs have become well known all over Greece. Holy Friday is the day of the Epitaph procession. In Pyrgos, small lanterns are placed on the streets where the Epitaph passes and the spectacle is purely amazing. Spirituality reaches its peak and everybody joins the pain for the suffering of Jesus. In a deeply touching ceremony, all people walk behind the Epitaph and hold the lanterns or lit candles in their hands.

There are great celebrations taking place after the Resurrection. At midnight, the churches get filled with pilgrims who want to get the Holy Light. The bells are ringing joyfully and everyone is happy. And on Sunday, every house prepares a feast with the traditional recipes associated with Easter. Families and friends come together praising the Lord and feeling happy about the salvation brought to the world.

If you visit Santorini at Easter, you will be part of the celebrations too. You will mingle with the locals, take part in the preparations and of course taste the traditional recipes after Resurrection. Easter is without a doubt one of the most romantic and beautiful times of the year to visit Santorini, so what are you waiting for?
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