Have you ever lived an experience that intense that almost takes your breath away? Santorini offers such thrilling experiences, which absolutely rock your world and introduce you to a whole new dimension. One of these experiences is without a doubt the Theran sunset. Everybody on the island stops for a while at the very same time, gazes at the endless blue sky and waits for the marvel to arrive. And when it does, the sky is painted velvet blue, red, pink, orange and purple…
The sun goes to sleep and it is time for the moon to take its place. Before the sun rests, though, it offers a final touch of wonder all around, revealing its breathtaking beauty to all those who are lucky enough to witness this sunset. People gather from all over the island to admire the chromatic blend that is about to overwhelm the sky, until it is lost far away on the horizon and darkness starts setting in. This moment is too precious to ignore and this is why it is celebrated.

When you visit Santorini, it is essential that you take the time and enjoy the long sunsets from above. Climb as high as you can and get a privileged spot that allows you to look at the wondrous transformation without any obstructions. Find your shelter and stay there, waiting for this moment to come. The breathtaking scenery adds to the inspirational character of Theran sunset. And the view is simply mesmerizing!

All our guests at Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites enjoy superb sunset experiences. Spectacular vistas from above in the privacy of a secluded haven, this is the best way to enjoy this natural wonder!
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